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check command


check species-ID surf-ID flag lo hi plo phi 


check Ca_cyto ER_surf out 1000 2000 


Check particles of species-ID to see if they are inside or outside of the surface with surf-ID. A warning will be printed if a particle does not satisfy the check condition. This can be useful for debugging purposes to test if particles have leaked thru a boundary they shouldn't have and to identify on what timestep the leakage occurred.

The flag determines whether the check is for the particles being inside or outside the surface. A value of none means do not perform the check. This command can be used multiple times to specify combinations of particle species and surfaces to check.

The surf-ID is assumed to be a closed set of triangles or closed region. Performing a check for a triangulated surface is expensive; all triangles are looped over for each particle.

Lo/hi are optional timestep values between which (inclusive) the check is done. If not specified, a check is performed every timestep.

Plo/phi are optional particle indices (0 to N-1) to specify a subset of particles (inclusive) to perform the check on. If not specified all particles (of the specified species) are checked. Note that lo/hi must be specified in order to also specify plo/phi.


Only 3d particles can be checked.

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No particle-surface checks are performed.