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move_style command


move_style option1 option2 ... 


move_style sphere brownian
move_style circle uniform 


Set one or more options that determine how particles move in a spatial simulation.

The cube option means particle will sample points in a small cube around their locations. The sphere option means particles will sample points in a small sphere around their location.

The square option means particles will only move in 2d and sample points in a small xy square around their locations. The cirlce option means particles will only move in 2d and samples points in a small xy circle around their locations. These options can be used with a global simulation domain that is small in the z-dimension to effectively setup a 2d simulation.

The uniform option means the sampling of volumetric (or planar) space is uniform. The brownian option means the sampling is from a Gaussian so that particles move in Brownian motion.

For 2d particles diffusing on regions or triangulated surfaces, only the uniform/brownian options are relevant since particles always effectively move in 2d, sampling within a circle tangential to the surface.


This command can only be used for spatial simulations.

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The default move style is cube brownian.