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particles command


particles species-ID N surface-ID 


particles Ca 10000
particles receptor 500 membrane 


Read N particles of type species-ID from successive lines of the input script. The species-ID must already have been defined via the species command. If the species is 3D, do not use the surface-ID argument. If the species is 2d, the surface-ID argument must be used to specify what region or triangulated surface the particles are on. Note that the species dimensionality must have already been set (default or via the dimension command) before particles are read in.

Following the particles command, the next line in the input script is skipped (leave it blank). The following N lines should have an index (1-N) and 3 particle coordinates (x,y,z in microns) on each line.

Note that a long list of particles can be put in a separate file and read in via the include command.


The bin command must be used before defining particles.

This command can only be used for spatial simulations.

Related commands: none

Default: none