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reaction command


reaction ID K product1 product2 ...
reaction ID reactant1 K product1 product2 ...
reaction ID reactant1 reactant2 K product1 product2 ... 


reaction 1 Ca_cyto IP3R 1.0e7 IP3R Ca_er
reaction decay receptor-active 0.1 receptor-inactive
reaction influx 1.0e-8 Ca 


Define a reaction that turns reactants into products at a specified reaction rate. The reaction can have zero, one, or two reactants and 0 or more products.

The ID of a reaction can contain alphanumeric characters and underscores and dashes.

The species-IDs of all reactants and products must have been previously defined using the species command.

The units of the reaction rate K are molarity/sec for reactions with 0 reactants, 1/sec for unary reactions, and 1/molarity-sec for binary reactions.

The react_modify command can be used to specify the spatial location of created products as well as other reaction attributes.


Reactions with 0 reactants can only be specified for non-spatial simulations.

The maximum number of product species for any one reaction is hard-wired in src/react.cpp via the MAX_PRODUCT setting. Currently it is set to 5.

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Default: none