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restart command


restart 0
restart N root
restart N file1 file2 


restart 0
restart 1000 ecoli.restart
restart 10000 ecoli.r.1 ecoli.r.2 


Write out a binary restart file every so many timesteps as a run proceeds. A value of 0 means do not write out restart files. Using one filename as an argument will create a series of filenames with a timestep suffix, e.g. the 2nd example above will create ecoli.restart.1000, ecoli.restart.2000, ecoli.restart.3000, etc. Using two filenames will produce only 2 restart files. ChemCell will toggle between the 2 names as it writes successive restart files.

Only particle information is stored in a restart file.

Restart files can be read by a read_restart command to restart a simulation from a particular state. Because the file is binary (to enable exact restarts), it may not be readable on another machine.


This command can only be used for spatial simulations.

Related commands:

write_restart, read_restart


restart 0