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sort command


sort flag 
  • flag = no or yes


    sort yes 


    Turn sorting of particles on or off when performing a spatial simulation. Sorting of particles is done when particles are assigned to reaction bins (see the bin) command. If sorting is enabled, the selection and ordering of reactions performed during two simulations should be the same, independent of how many processors they are run on. Thus the output of the two simulations should be identical, which can be useful when debugging various problems.

    Note that sorting does not affect the accuracy of simulation output in a statistical sense, but does slow down a simulation due to the extra work involved. Thus it should not normally be enabled, unless for debugging purposes.

    Also note that getting the same answer for two simulations run on different numbers of processors requires that the two simulations be initiated with the same random number seed. Thus the seed command should be used, else a time-dependent random number seed will be generated for each simulation.


    This command can only be used for spatial simulations.

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    sort no