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stats command


stats N species1-ID species2-ID ...
stats delta species1-ID species2-ID ... 


stats 100
stats 0.01 Ca_cyto Ca_er 


Print particle statistics to the screen (and log file) every so often as a simulation runs. Setting N = 0 will only print statistics at the beginning and end of the run. The units for the particle stats are specified by the stats_modify command. The default is particle count.

The frequency of output can be specied in timesteps or elapsed simulation time. Using an integer versus a floating-point value (with a decimal point) determines how the argument is interpreted.

For stochastic non-spatial (Gillepsie) simulations, N refers to a number of reactions, since there is one timestep/reaction.

The list of species is optional. If not specified, counts for all species will be printed.

Any species-ID can contain a single wildcard character * which will match species and alias names in the usual way. E.g. a species-ID can be *, ab*, *ab, ab*cd.

Restrictions: none

Related commands:

dump, stats_modify


N = 0