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stats_modify command


stats_modify keyword args ... 
  units arg = count or molarity or um or nm
    count = integer count of particles
    molarity = concentration in molarity = moles/liter
    um = concentration in micro-molar
    nm = concentration in nano-molar
  format arg = C-style format string 


stats_modify units molarity
stats_modify format %7.2g 


Set options for how statistics are printed to the screen and logfile. via the stats command.

The units keyword sets the style of units used to print particle statistics. Style count is the only allowed option for spatial simulations, since the enclosing volume is arbitrary. For non-spatial simulations, output can be in concentration units (molarity, uM, nM) since a volume is explicitly specified.

The format keyword sets the precision for how each particle species is printed. For unit style count this should be an integer setting, e.g. %10d. For other unit styles, it should be a floating point setting, e.g. %7.2g.

Restrictions: none

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The option defaults are units = count, format = %d (for count units) or format = %g (for any of the molarity units).